AMTA will again be hosting the MT Technology Showcase, focusing on working systems and prototypes of MT and/or of applications using or supporting MT (e.g., transliteration support; OCR, etc.)

The Showcase will be August 10 from 1:00 to 5:00 in the AMTA conference facility (Boston Marriott, Cambridge, MA). It will feature a limited number of exhibits.

AMTA will provide tables, chairs, signs, and--if requested--an internet connection. There will be no exhibitor fees. Participants will receive free admission to the conference for that day or a discount on the full conference fee.

If you would like to include your work in the Technology Showcase, *please send an email to Jennifer DeCamp at by May 15th* with the following information:

Exhibits will be selected by a panel of AMTA organizer s, with a focus on fully integrated systems that target real-world problems.

Exhibits may be by users and/or developers. There will be no commercial (i.e., for fee) exhibit this year.

The showcase is part of the AMTA (Association for Machine Translation in the Americas) biennial conference, to be held August 8-12, in Cambridge, MA. More information on the conference is available at: Please share this announcement with others whom you think may have an interest.